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male massage is sensual, intimate, naked, erotic , orgasmic


“ I love men, and i will take it as a pleasure to massage you and giving you pleasure enjoying my sexy muscled body, and every inch of my body. All my sessions will get you satisfied and rejuvenated.

Hello my name is Chris

I offer a  Sensual tantric male to male massage for gay, bi-curious & straight men. Whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned veteran, I make an excellent choice for a man who is on his work break, rewarding himself for a hard days work.

Not just a rub, a real massage is what men really want by a professionally trained gay male London masseur in my Central London Massage Studio right opposite Warren Street Station on the Northern Line. I can combine several techniques, deep to soft touch tailored to your needs. My hands deliver an experience that you will not soon forget. I use organic massage oils and creams. I work on every type straight, bi, gay, married or straight.

Experience the gentle power and strength of nurturing male touch today.

Enjoy a highly therapeutic and sensual massage today that allows you to celebrate your masculine need for connection! Let me unwind your tension and stress, taking you back to your peaceful, relaxed center.

Feel alive, joyful and reconnect with your body's rythm of life. Relax and let go while I take care of all your needs for an hour or two. Receive the special service that you desire and deserve. Get in touch with your true desires for relaxation, and allow yourself to be free and safe. Let yourself float away from the daily stresses of life while I drain every ounce of tension from your body.

Rediscover your capacity to feel sensual pleasure, human connection, and the deep satisfaction of tension releasing from your body. Your goals and requests will always be respected troughout. You choose the pressure, the style, and the focus, while I work the massage magic to take you to the state you long to experience while visiting Central London

Call me on 07999670627

about my bodywork for men only



All men can benefit from a massage. A body massage session will work over areas of stress and pain such as low back, sciatic, head, shoulders and neck. Using a combination of classic or Swedish massage with medium to deep tissue and aspects of sports massage my intent is to perform an active work out on your passive muscles. My personal technique will increase oxygen and blood flow to weary and anxious muscles. At once you are relaxed and rejuvenated.


I’m the real deal!

I’m professional Qualified and Insured, strong, gentle, whatever you want me to be. I’m very comfortable in my own skin, no judgements, love using my entire body/weight to dig deep into your muscles. After toching my strong and soft hands you feel deeply my physical and mental energy. It is pleasure to me to work with men body.


I strive to give you the best massage experience possible to relieve the stress that bother most busy London men. I strive to address all of the area's gay bi or curious men look for in a massage. My massage is geared to you letting me take control and surrendering to me so that I can take the sets away and leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied with the massage experience.

I am educated, clean, and work from a clean safe location where parking is available. Good conversation while relaxing and letting go of your stress is what my massage is all about.

The benefits of practicing Tantric massage are many. Any sexual activity is beneficial not only to the body but to the psyche as well. We know that when one is in a high state of sexual arousal the body unleashes hormones that give us a sense of euphoria and flood the endocrine system. Sexual energy nourishes our bodies and gives us a sense of aliveness. When making love we open our hearts to another and give ourselves the opportunity to receive and give pleasure.

my massage services in central london


I offer a clean, peaceful and quiet atmosphere with private bathroom and shower and lots of fresh linens that is guaranteed to relax and mend your broken spirit, mind and body.


The stress of work and daily living can put a great amount of wear and tear on our bodies. Most of us don't take the time to pamper ourselves because were taking care of others.


I love men and I do enjoy my work. My session are never rushed, and to make you feel comfortable and satisfied is my main goal being both naked, mutual touching is ok.


If you're looking for one of the best massage sessions, then look no further. I provide a unique mix of abilities tailored to one's needs. Well versed, experienced and no attitude here.

I like to do all Types including Therapeutic, Tantric & Sensual.
Plenty of training and Intuitive skills to ensure a full body relaxing & blissful experience with satisfaction guaranteed.

I deliver a professional and discreet service in central london

Serious callers only, texting is limited, as many people out there get their kicks at keeping themselves aroused over the phone, while at work in the office, with the girldfriend next door, etc... phone sex is not what I do. I am always open to an informal chat about any questions you may have!.

Call Me 07999670627


As you can see I have one flat rate for 90 minutes, the reason is that I often tend to end up doing a Body to body tantra massage with my clients! I dont like giving shorter massages as you just wont get the total satisfaction you deserve.

Holistic/ with underwear on

£100 - 90 minutes

Tantra Massage

£120 - 90 minutes

Full Body To body Tantra

£120 - 90 minutes

Some reviews left by my wonderful Clients

Music has always helped on a great massage

Sometimes I have clients that will request to explore my body by offering me a massage during their sessions. I welcome any requests and/or suggestions to make your experience a memorable one.

General Questions and Answers



What can I expect on arrival?

A warm welcome some refreshments, a shower if you need one


What can I expect during the massage?

Massage is an experience that we both should enjoy as such we will discuss beforehand your requirements.


Can I shower before and after?

Sure! i do use unscented oils most of the time, but you can always hower before or after the massage, I have plenty of towels and unscented soaps.


What qualifications do you have and are you insured?

I have many qualifications in the field of massage and tantra


This is just sex isn't it? Will you be naked during the massage?

Its an experience, and yes I will be naked if you want me to be


I am a first timer/nervous will the massage be right for me?

Most of my first time clients will realize that after all youre coming for a massage! and a place with no judgements.


Is my privacy guaranteed?



What products do you use?

Unscented or lightly scented organic oils


Are clean towels supplied to all your clients?

Yes always


Where does the massage take place?

I live very close to a central London Underground station in Zone one near Warren Street Tottenham Court Road Marylebone Camden Kings Cross Euston


Variety is the spice of life - so i enjoy working with all body types and men of every age, race and sexuality. Everyone is welcome to experience my mind blowing session.

have a question? Why not call me now on 07999670627, Chris your london gay naked masseur